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The Landing ConceptThe Landing Concept

The Landing

A transformative and vibrant waterfront project bringing 7 acres of open space, locally-owned retail, affordable housing, new jobs, and infrastructure improvements to EPA and the Ravenswood Business District.

Project location

East Palo Alto, CA

Project phase

Community review


Harvest Properties is transforming 1990 Bay Road, 1175 Weeks Street, 1250 Weeks Street, and now 1103 Weeks Street into a vibrant new waterfront development, including affordable housing, an employment center, and community gathering spaces for EPA residents. The proposed project will create 7 acres of community open space along the waterfront, bring locally-owned retail and new jobs into the neighborhood, as well as needed infrastructure improvements to the Ravenswood Business District. The Landing has the potential to enliven an underutilized area and play a major role in transforming the RBD into a Cultural, Arts and Business District.

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Local Small Businesses

The Landing will provide 35,000 sq. ft. of rent-free space to the city to be used for the benefit of the community and local business opportunities. Harvest will also contribute $1m in grants to support local businesses within The Landing and $1m in grants to support local businesses in the RBD
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Affordable Housing

At the corner of Pulgas & Weeks St, The Landing includes a 95-unit, 100% affordable housing project with community-serving civic space at the ground floor, in partnership with Eden Housing.
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Open Space

At The Landing, Harvest will create 7 acres of new open space to provide direct access to the waterfront, including a community garden, dog park, a neighborhood-serving park with a children’s playground, picnic area with BBQs, fitness station and 1/2 court basketball.

Public Benefits

Local Small Business Grants

Harvest will contribute $1,000,000 in Grants to support local businesses within The Landing and $1,000,000 in Grants to support local businesses outside the project in the RBD.

Restaurants & Cafes

The Landing will provide space for local restaurants and cafes for EPA residents, close to where they live, eliminating the need to travel outside of the City to access these essential resources.

Free Wifi

Free Wi-Fi will be accessible to the public throughout The Landing.

City Infrastructure Support

The Landing will help support City infrastructure projects including the construction a levee (in collaboration with the San Francisquito JPA) to help protect against flooding and sea level rise.

Arts Grants

As part of The Landing, Harvest will contribute $1,250,000 into an Art Fund to support the arts within The Landing, and $250,000 into an Art Fund to support the arts outside the project in EPA.

Innovation Space

A variety of subsidized innovation spaces will be offered to local startups, non-profits, and small labs.

Affordable Housing

At the corner of Pulgas & Weeks St, The Landing now includes a 95-unit, 100% affordable housing project with community-serving civic space at the ground floor, in partnership with Eden Housing.

Economic & Tax Benefits

This project represents $20m of initial economic development activity for EPA and $8.5m annually.

Open Space

As part of the proposed project, Harvest Properties, in partnership with Hood Design Studio, will create 7 acres of new green space to provide direct access to the waterfront.

Pedestrian Streetscape

The Landing will continue the City's efforts to activate Bay Road and enhance the community's experience of this area.

Public Art

Harvest is proud to partner with the EPA community to incorporate public art throughout The Landing and sponsor work City-wide.

Community Investment

The Landing will provide 35,000 square feet of rent-free space to the City to be used for the benefit of the community and local business opportunities.


The Landing envisions the creation of neighborhood retail spaces including local restaurants and a Community Marketplace with a commissary kitchen, a café, and multiple spaces for local entrepreneurs.


The Landing plans to not only be one of the most sustainable communities in the Bay Area, but in the nation. This goal addresses both climate change and EPA's history with environmental injustice.

Green Building

The Landing's buildings will commemorate the years of environmental justice activism by using carbon-neutral design and other sustainable features.

RBD& The Landing Materials

What's in the Works

Since the time of our Pre-Application submittal to the City in Feb. 2020, we heard from the City as well as many community stakeholders and neighbors the importance of providing affordable housing as part of our proposed plan. We are very pleased to announce we were able to acquire 1103 Weeks Street to address the community's needs and priorities. At 1103, we are proposing a mixed-use 95-unit, 100% affordable housing development, with ground floor, community-serving civic space, as well as a parking garage. We are very happy to be partnering on this project with Eden Housing, who will be the long-term owner and operator of the housing development. The addition of the affordable housing will complement the 918,000 sq. ft. of office, life/science, research & development, retail and community space that was included in our Pre-Application.

We also acknowledge that the City is in the process of updating the Ravenswood / 4 Corners Specific Plan. Harvest has participated in all the community & public meetings, and we understand that the outcome of this Specific Plan process and the Development Scenario chosen by the City for additional environmental review could potentially impact The Landing, and result in further revisions to the project. We look forward to continued collaboration and dialogue with the City and community to continue to develop and refine our plans and design.

What's There Now

The sites at 1990 Bay Road, 1175 Weeks Street, and 1250 Weeks Street are currently a fenced in, asphalt and brush lot with a small 15,000 sq. ft. vacant warehouse. Due to prior unregulated industrial uses, the property has gone through over 40 years of environmental remediation. Due to its past use, a deed restriction prevents residential development on the site. In a corner of the site, and not owned by Harvest, is a PG&E Substation, which will stay active but be largely screened by the project and robust landscaping.

What's Happening Next

Harvest Properties has been hard at work connecting with the City, local community members and organizations over the past few years. After much research, Harvest filed a Pre-Application to the City in the Spring of 2020, and made its first formal virtual Community Presentations starting in January 2021, which were accompanied by an initial Survey to obtain additional community input. In the Spring of 2021, a Community Meeting (Feb 4), Planning Commission Study Session (Feb 22), and City Council Study Session (April 6) occurred. We received incredibly valuable input and feedback throughout this period of time.

Since then, we have continued to meet with the residents, organizations, and businesses of East Palo Alto to listen to your needs, concerns, and aspirations, with a sincere interest in learning from the input and feedback you have provided us. Thank you to everyone who has already taken the time to meet with us over the past few years.

We look forward to continuing to work with our neighbors, residents and local community organizations & businesses to develop, refine and improve our plans.

Please check the Timeline for more information about our past events and any future milestones related to The Landing project. Also, click the 'Subscribe' button to receive email updates.

We can't thank you enough for your continuing feedback and look forward to working with you to transform the Ravenswood Business District into an area that benefits everyone in EPA.


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